Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Yard Work

My husband takes great pride in our pathetic little yard...

We bought a foreclosure (builder went under, so no one had ever lived there plus-yea for instant equity!) but that means some things weren't so well taken care of.... like the yard.

Clover had taken over the whole thing. 

Our Little Boy Baxter is allergic to clover. 

Do you see how this doesn't really work!

Well, we re-seeded last fall, just to realize to late that there were still to many weeds for the seeds to take hold, so we are doing the 'full whammy' this year with fertilizer (its like 6 different mixes for different times of the year), so we can have a fighting chance at being able to reseed this fall.

I digress.

Our yard,  he works hard to make it look good.  He has been edging, and then I sweep all the clippings back into the edge he just cut. 

Where else was it supposed to go?

(I've been doing this for over a year, you think he would have said something earlier!)

Well, once I realized he didn't like it ("Honey, don't you think the edging would look better if all the grass wasn't packed in there... maybe we should buy a blower") I decided I would clean it up.

So, umm... its SOOO much easier to just sweep it back in the crack, it takes like 10 minuets and your done.  I liked that version better!

But, after over an hour of sweeping, (and mostly pulling chunks out with my fingers) it looks fantastic!

This is what I usually just sweep back into the sides of the sidewalk....

This is EVERYTHING I swept out... granted it's also a YEAR worth of clippings that I've been sweeping back in, but still... holy crap!

This is the whole sidewalk... can you tell where our neighbor's yard starts....
(in case you need some help, I pointed it out!)


  1. Wow, you guys did a really nice job with the edging. :) I like the little frowny face by your neighbor's yard.

  2. You yard looks great. Maybe you should give your neighbor some