Wednesday, July 28, 2010

10 in 40?

I'm not sure it's been fourty days, but holy crap, its not my 10 in 10 list anymore, but I have more to update....

* Sand and Stain my bench
* Polyurethane the bench (it has to be done a different day, so technically a different project)
* Finish the tutu's for my neighbors twins
* Clean our front bricks off (mortar is ALL over them) with every day pushing 100*, I'm waiting until it cools off to continue this project... it's been put on hold!
* USPS (package and mail secret sister gift, and baby gift)
* Finish the Family Pictorial Album for our adoption packet Yea, it's done and in the mail!
* Finish the questions for our adoption packet See above :)
* Stabilize, stain, polly, assemble antique-ish dresser (biggest project on the list...nothing even planed)
* Re-pot flowers for newly stained bench Got my kitchen pot potted (?sounds weird), don't know what to put in the other pots...
* Touch up paint in kitchen and master bathroom (Got the foam brushes to do this)

***Paint Living Room*** (ok, I started before I finished my list... but it's not done yet- The accent color is painted in the entry way, and the nook over the fireplace, but I've lost my motivation to even start the main walls... maybe this weekend!)

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  1. You know, just rereading this list makes me tired. Congratulations on getting so much accomplished (even if the time-line has stretched out further than you originally anticipated)!