Monday, August 2, 2010

Balls to the wall...

Ok, in my previous job (not substitute teaching), I worked with clients on a daily basis.  I got things done, and if I didn't it was my head on the wall.  I guess because so much was expected of me, I've in turn turned that around.  My balls were always held to the wall... so in turn, I hold others to the wall.

Unfortunately, our agency is the one against the wall.

They lost two (TWO!) of our reference letters, and are sending me snotty e-mails about still needing them... um our friends already jumped through hoops to get you the first round, its not going to magically happen in a day for the second time around.  They both work opposite shifts of their spouses so to get it notarized requires some juggling. 

The second issue is dealing with something in my past.  I needed court documents, but there was an error on it, but the administrative assistant can't seem to get past the error, even though the lawyer, the city and the highway patrol now have everything fixed.... to top it all of, she thinks that I should spend ANOTHER $52.00 dollars to get my fingerprints re done, so she has another piece of paper to loose....

I'm a bit frustrated.

To top it off, before I even got home to this wonderful email... I was driving around and heard a loud boom, then smelt the offending object.

Note to self:

When your husband and step daughter tell you they have emptied everything after the family trip to Sam's Club, go double check.... because on a day when its 107* (heat index) and you drive home, the bottle of wine they forgot about will explode....

So, I spent the first hour after I got home outside cleaning out my trunk.  It was fucking hot (see the above mentioned temperature of 107*).  Travis got home about an hour after I started the steam cleaning and ended up pulling out the liner of my trunk and hosed it down. I'm not sure if it will work, it's not cloth, its not felt, it somewhere in between....

I'd say this is a wine night... but the bottle I bought this weekend... well, you know....


  1. Grrrr! That is all very frustrating! Go get a new bottle of wine, post haste! Big hugs!!!

  2. Losing one piece of paper can be possibly understandable, but multiple pieces smacks of serious unprofessionalism. (I'm guessing she spilled her coffee on them and rather than admit fault is being a b^*%$ about it.)

    I personally think your expectations are pretty darn reasonable and after that email would probably have considered sucking the wine out of the carpet with my mouth.

    You can blame that visual on a drunken (need I really say that?) graduate of the Naval academy - he was only 6 months or so out at the time.

  3. oh wow, not the wine! What a bummer. I would say you are definitely entitled to a return trip to Sam's for your OWN bottle!

  4. That is so frustrating! About the papers and the wine.

    What a sad day for the wine. It never even got to be enjoyed.