Sunday, August 15, 2010


I have many more pictures from our trip, but they sorta need a full write up.

However, this one we took at the park.  The bride and groom went there after the wedding for some pictures, and since my father in law was one of the photographers (he's awesome), we had to go along (he was our ride).  While he was taking the couples pictures my mother in law (who's not so bad her self behind a camera) took a few of us.  We don't have any 'nice' photos of us... we haven't had 'professional' ones taken since our wedding, and all the others are at events and such.   She took this one and I truly love it!!!  I think it will be the front cover of our match book, unless one that my father in law took turns out better (which would surprise me, because I think this one is great). 

Do I not have THE MOST handsome husband!


  1. I think you're BOTH lookin' pretty good.

  2. Ditto Kelly!

    And thanks for the reminder that we should probably get a "family" portrait taken now that we are a family of three vs. a family of two.