Wednesday, June 30, 2010

bruises for hairnets

My Mom wanted me to take pictures of my Lovonox bruised stomach, so that when our kids were being shit-heads as teenagers, she could show them, and say "This is what your Mother did to have you!"....

Well, we all know how that ended...

But have no fear, she can now say "Your Mother worked at a cheese packing factory for you".

(not my actual plant... but I get the same hairnet, and my jacket is blue!)

Yes, I have a new job.

At a cheese packing plant.

It kinda tastes like humble pie.

And smells like cheese.

Cheese and cardboard.

I've done data entry so far, the first two days, literally transferring numbers off forms and into Excel.

Tonight, I measured cheese.

---I'll let that soak in----

I MEASURED cheese.  You know, from shredded cheese packets.  Ya, I went through 3 cases, and measured 30 pieces from each package...

Bundle of fun I tell you, a bundle of fun.

Oh well- I'll survive, its only until school starts (and I hopefully have a full time job- if not just sub again).  Luckily I don't HAVE to have this job, so I feel blessed.  We have our budget to live on my husbands salary, with a nice cushion (minus the new (to us) motorcycle...), so my money goes to the adoption war chest.

I chanted in my head- as I measured cheese- adoption, back rub, sex....  (the last two Travis promised me when I got home!).  It wouldn't be so bad, but so far, I'm in a room 


  1. Go cheese head! :) Glad you are working as it brings you closer to your goal. Take care of yourself!

  2. Oh, cheese. (Sorry, couldn't help myself - I'll stop before I really get going on the cheezy (oops) puns.)

    At least you know it's not forever and it's for a great cause.

  3. You are already kicking ass for your future children!! They better be the most angelic teens ever! ;) Seriously though, your dedication is awesome.

  4. Haha, love the bruise picture. (And the cheese pic.)

    Good luck at the new job. You should be proud of yourself for working so hard for the adoption.