Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have loved the last few days... I was able to spend time at a hotel a few hours away.  My husband had Air Force training, and I tagged along.  And It. Was. Bliss.

Beautiful two room suite, awesome pool, great book, free drinks... we had fun.  It was fun.  I needed it, I needed to get away, I needed some time alone (hello pool!), and I needed some time with him.  And the Air Force paid for it .... well, I had to drive my own car, but that's a small price to pay for what it did for me, and what it did for 'us'!

But then I called our agency on the way home, and discovered that we had to have a certified copy of our marriage certificate, and that we only had one (out of four) recommendation letters, and there were a few more things and I got discouraged...

I know they are all little things, but dang.

Oh, and then 2 hours later, the blood work we did last week... ya, they didn't do all our labs.  We have to go BACK next week... on more delay.

We aren't going to have our packet done by the end of June, which means that we won't be done with our home study and profile book by the end of July, which means that we won't be in the 'match book' by August.....

So maybe we'll pay off the damn truck.  We'll have enough time to build up our account again before we have to give our 'down payment'.  In September... or October...



  1. I'm sorry for the setbacks, Jenn - that just sucks! I am happy that you had some fun time with your husband and some fun time to yourself, though! Good luck on deciding what to do about the truck!


  2. Don't forget that you are still on the road...whatever is meant to be will happen!

  3. Bummer! I say this in the best way possible--but sometimes things like these setbacks are out of our hands. YOU did everything possible. YOU made every effort to get the ball rolling. YOU are not to blame. Sometimes there is no one to blame...which sucks. Hang in there!

  4. What a bummer to come back to issues like those after a nice time away.

    In the realm of hopeful thinking, perhaps this is the universe setting you up for a match that would not have been available earlier? Hard to see while you are going through it though.

  5. The homestudy process is really over-whelming. It sounds like you're on your way to finishing it up. A certified copy of a marriage certificate is easy to get. Other items will be easy too. For me, I bought a cute little binder at Target and kept everything in it - copies of everything I gave them and a check list, I made for myself, to ensure I was organized. It went against my nature, but it really helped. The homestudy will get done and finalized, it's just the little things left. And, like you said, it's the perfect op to pay off your truck. We feel the same way about bringing a baby home. While I'd love to be picked this fall, if it's not until the winter or even the first of next year, that works better...financially. Emotion vs. finances - that sucks!!! Anyway - good luck with everything. You are in my thoughts!

  6. A setback, while sucky, is just that a set*back*. Not a road block. It sucks but thank god you are still on the road. It is way disheartening that because of other peoples mistakes you are not a far as you should be but you are still working toward your goal of bringing home that baby and that's what is important!

  7. I hear you. No matter what we do waiting is always the hardest thing of this whole process. (Well that and seeing women with young babies of course ...)

  8. Delays suck. I am an adoptive mom. We had to wait three extra months for our son to come home b/c of a glitch with our fingerprints for immigration. Best wishes to you on your journey.
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