Tuesday, June 22, 2010


That's kinda how I feel.

But not always, just moments.

Like when I found out that we can't get our TB test until Friday

Or that one of my records is wrong, which will likely delay some paperwork for the adoption

When Travis said it was going to be a late night to catch up

But, then I remember, that today I got to go donate blood (they had an 'all call' for my blood type).

And got to help return phone calls at my husbands office (yea! not...), and pre-qualify applicants (double yea... not)

Spent the afternoon at the pool with a girlfriend

And now, I'm sitting on the bed, blogging, watching The Office, and eating chocolate cake with my husband. 

So I guess life is pretty good.... I just have to remember the second half of my list!

***Which- ohbytheway- chocolate cake, beer, the hot tub, and a girlfreind who always makes you laugh is just about the best combination on a Saturday night after a stress full weekend with your step daughter!***


  1. Bad then good is always better than the reverse. (duh)

    But still, I'll join you in a scream out about the delays!

  2. Ugh, for the crappiness, but YAY for all the fun stuff.

    Especially the chocolate cake! Hope today's a good day!