Sunday, January 1, 2012

Year in Review

January:  Super sucky!  We had many many many tears as a result as our failed adoption on New Years Eve.  I also had my second bout with pertussis (whooping cough).  It took 3 ER visits, and 2 doctors visits to figure it out.

February:  The month started with our marriage being rocked to the core.  I didn't write much about it, because I didn't know how it would end, either divorce, or stronger then ever.  Obviously, it turned out we got stronger.  I had minor surgery to clear out mucus plugs as a result of the pertussis.  My blog started drama with family members (ugh!), and we had a Snowopoclipse.

March:  Spring came, and then more snow.  We built our raised garden beds.  We sent in our taxes, applying for the adoption tax credit for our failed adoption.

April:  I did 'A-Z' blogging, but sorta stopped at W....

May:  The start of the month was consumed with the OneSolePurpose 5k/10k event that was wildly successful.  The second half of the month we spent a lot of time helping out after Joplin Tornado, and our friends that lost everything.

June:  My parents came to visit and we had a blast, and then I had a BFP.  I miscarried right after, but it added one more to my number of losses.  Eight.  That's a number I thought I'd never associate with that.

July:  We took a trip to Wisconsin to go to a family wedding, and I had fun on Twitter!  I stayed quite on the blog, but we also were matched, met Isaac's birth parents, and our little boy was born this month!

August:  I turned 28 (!) and we went to Kentucky to pick up our baby boy.  We stayed there a week, and then came home after the ICPC as a family.  Lots of family came to visit, and we adjusted our lives now hat we had a baby involved!

September:  We began getting into a routine after Trav went back to work, and also wrote his birthparents their first letter.  We sized kids for their shoes (for OneSolePurpose), and continued to be blessed by Isaac.  Also, my back wasn't adjusting well to holding a baby, so weekly visits to get adjusted began!

October:  Our family went to the pumpkin patch, and made memories.  We also dedicated Isaac at church surrounded by our extended family.  We also began cloth diapering!

November:  We spent this month being thankful for our family of four, Isaac kept growing, and we started planning our family trip to New Mexico.

December:  Isaac experienced his first snow, we traveled to New Mexico, and we finished out our year remembering the failed adoption a year ago, but being grateful for the little boy that has stolen our hearts!


  1. I just want to "like" all of this like you can on FB! Although your year started out really hard (which was when I found your blog) in the end it was so great! Happy New Year!

  2. I'm so happy that this year has ended so much better than it began for you. :-)

  3. Sounds like the perfect end to a year :) So happy for you!

  4. What an amazing year! So happy for you Jenn!!!!

  5. It sounds like a bit of a rough start, but what an amazing way to end it with your sweet boy! I have a daughter around your son's age and love finding new blogs to follow. Consider me your newest follower! :)