Monday, January 2, 2012

Formula Change

While we were visiting my parents over the holidays, Isaac's schedule got way out of wack.  No matter how hard we tried, we were unable to keep the schedule.  Because his sleeping got messed up, so did his eating.  Throw in an up-all-night ear infection and we just threw in the towel.

We hoped that once we got home things would get back to normal, and we could begin our routine again.  When we went for Isaac's last Wednesday, they of course weighed him again.  He was the same weight as he was the week before in the urgent care.  His percentage dropped too ( he had gone up to the 13/15%, and is now back down at the 5ish%).

The doctor didn't think it needed to be urgently looked at, so we moved to bi-weekly weight checks (instead of monthly).   He told me Isaac should be eating 30oz per day, and to keep track of his intake.

Wednesday through Saturday, he ranged between 18oz and 22oz.  Sunday, his intake was even lower, by 1:00pm (after church), he had only eaten 6oz.  He would suck and gulp 4-5 times, and then would bear down, and kinda grunt.  A friend of ours said that both her daughters did the exact same thing, and that they were lactose intolerant.  At that point, Trav and I were desperate, and we stopped by the store on the way home to get some soy formula.

That afternoon, Isaac doubled his morning formula intake, and we were up to 12 oz.  By the end of the day, we were up to 20 oz... still not good but better.  And no more straining.

Today was rougher, because the sudden (but necessary) formula change 'clogged the plumbing'.  Let's just say, you know you're a Mom when.... well, just know that Vaseline, q-tips, and lots of wipes were used, and he ended up in the bath!

We thought things were going better, he was defiantly eating better, until tonight.  At his night time feeding, he only ate 4oz (this is usually always a 6oz or 8oz) feeding, and began the bear down-grunting thing again.

There is obviously something wrong.  I guess it's compounded with the fact that he's so tiny as it is, he doesn't have the weight to loose (or the option of not gaining weight).

The doctors office was closed today.  Guess where we're going to be tomorrow?!?


  1. I wonder if the grunting is from the clogged up system? Prunes? Wish I could help!

  2. We have B on enfamil nutramigen because he was diagnosed with colitis (blood in his poo). It's not soy but it has the milk proteins broken down already for him since that is what he was having problems with. It's A LOT more expensive but he does really well on it.

  3. prunes were an amazing addition to Nolan's diet. Also try 1-2 oz. of apple juice and put him in a 10-15 minute bath with some baking soda (it helps them go if constipated).

  4. My son was the same way. Tried the soy, but doctor said there's a good chance if they are intolerant to dairy, they will also be intolerant to soy. Try the is expensive, but made a huge difference!

  5. I can relate to the poo part of this post. E grunts so hard when he tries to go too. And we ended up giving him prunes this week. *sigh* Do you think Isaac could have a soy allergy too? E doesn't have dairy issues, so I'm not too familiar with those problems, but perhaps give allumentim or nutramigen a try?

    Good luck!

  6. I'd also suggest Nutramigen - super expensive, but worth a try. I hope you find some answers soon - sick babies are hard on parents, too!

  7. I hope they figure it out soon! As someone said before, Nutramigen or Alimentum might be options if he is having trouble with lactose.

  8. I've been reading your blog for some time, but have never commented: a couple points, My son did the grunting and fussy eating thing for MONTHS and after numerous formula changes (soy formula helped somewhat but he wouldnt really eat it, it also contains phytoestrogens which kind of scared me off of it, but most pediatricians say that it is safe), my son was also backed up on it, he was diagnosed with acid reflux and takes liquid zantac-no more middle of the night grunting and fussy eating. Nutraminigen is also covered by most health insurance in my state as long as its perscribed by a dr. I also pump breast milk (not enough for a full supply unfortunately) and my son has less problems drinking that. Have you considered looking into "human milk for human babies", they provide a place for milk donors and women in need of breastmilk to get together, or you could try to get your own milk going (nursing would be out the window at this point, but there are medications that can spur lactation and with a breast pump you can provide your own nutritious milk :) much love A

  9. ACJ here again-I just wanted to discuss the acid reflux again-I was at the pediatrician CONSTANTLY and they didn't think it was AR since he wasn't spitting up-but he'd only eat 1 or 2 ounces at a time, become "stiff as a board", and fuss and cry, he GRUNTED for HOURS at night and I was going insane wondering what was bothering him...if your LO does have acid reflux-I hope that my experience could save you the worry that I went through-hope you get Isaac eating and gaining soon! (my LO fell under his birthweight at 1 month old due to breastfeeding problems and thankfully he's been gaining ever since so once you get it ironed out I'm positive he'll be fine.

  10. It could be reflux (j had "silent reflux" so he never spit up, but he was refluxing still) - something like Zantac should help. But I also would definitely ask the doctor if it could be MSPI (Milk/Soy Protein Intolerance). Usually "lactose intolerance" is actually a milk protein intolerance and if they're intolerant to milk protein, they're usually intolerant to soy protein too. You can google it, but it's due to their intestines being "open" and the proteins irritate the lining of their gut. Either they want to eat more because it's soothing to have some food going in (like Jude) or they don't want to eat at all because it hurts so bad (possibly like your little dude). They can test a poop sample for blood and sugars to diagnose MSPI. You can try something like Nutramigen or Neocate that's much more broken down (and $$$) and easier for their bodies to process. Good luck!

  11. My son had lactose issues and the symptoms were immediate. He would be screaming and gassy for hours after having anything with lactose.
    They do make lactose free formula which helped my son immensely. We never tried soy because I had read it was hard on the system.
    I hope that it all is figured out soon.