Thursday, January 5, 2012


Ok, I've worked on the digital side of my blog a little bit, so this is probably all you can count on as a post today.

The one thing you'll want to check out is the new tab on the top that says MONTH BY MONTH.

When Isaac was born, we decided to get a build a bear for both him and his birth mom.  We got one for her, not only to have, but so she would have something the same as him, and could see compared to the bear, how big he was getting.

I know my mom LOVES these pictures, and has told several people about them (even if they aren't adopting, they get the bear for grandparents out of town).


  1. Love it, Jenn! And LOVE how the bigger he gets, the happier and happier he looks! Happy New Year to you and your little family!

  2. I do the bear thing too! I gave the hubs a bear when I told him I was pregnant, no one has a matching one, but its the one I use. I love the pictures!

  3. I love that idea! And he is such a cutie!!