Thursday, January 5, 2012

Hard day

Today was a really hard day with Isaac's eating.  We got close to 20 ounces, but still not close to 30 ounces.

He also didn't sleep well, and woke up about every 45 minuets, which meant that I never could get to far into any one project I needed to get done.

By the time Trav came home from work, I told him I resigned from being Mom for the evening.  I'm so blessed that he happily took over 100% of care for Isaac, and I got to work out in the bedroom and even got a backrub before bed, and generally recharge!

I love that guy.  Well, both my guys, even if today was rough!


  1. What a treat. You have such an amazing partner. I am troubled by this eating issue and hope things get back to normal soon. I am amazed at how well you are doing. Isaac is a lucky fellow.