Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Doctor's follow-up to ER

Ugh, I hate our pediatrician.

I've gotta figure out a way to get a new one (our health plan only has like 4, and we've heard they are all bad... love the military sometimes).

So he think's Isaac has reflux.  That's awesome, I'm glad we have an answer.

My question is..... why did I have to take my son to the ER, when I told you all the same things A WEEK AGO!!!

All he did then was put us on a two week weight check.

We're starting the reflux med's today, we'll see how quick we see an improvement.


  1. We had trouble w/ reflux meds early because of the dosing for a 'neonate' as opposed to an 'infant' - I can't remember if 'neonate' ended at 3 months of age or 6 months. Ours (ranitidine) didn't do much good until we were up to about 1.5 milliliters twice a day. If they balk at you, request a higher dose (repeatedly if necessary) - it won't hurt. Has he been checked for pyloric stenosis? That may explain the straining...

    Goat's milk may actually be worth a try - the proteins are configured differently than cows milk. Did you try the nutramigen?

    I'd be shopping for a new pediatrician, too. Stick to your guns until you find answers!

  2. I am so sorry! Both my boys had/have really bad reflux. It can take some time to find a med/dosage that works. If they started him on Zantac you will have to watch and when he grows his dosage will need to increase. My first son it did nothing and we ended up on Prevacid after being on Zantac and then prilosec. My second we tried Zantac and it worked for awhile, he wouldn't take the prilosec and put him on prevacid. He had really bad constipation and we found out that it had hidden dairy in the solutab (he also has a diary intolerance!) so we are back on prilosec but can now use the pill form and drop the contents into his food.

    Something else-- he might have a dairy/soy allergy or intolerance too.... have you thought of trying Alimentum or Nutramigen?

    ::hugs:: hang in there! You guys are doing great. Praying you find answers and relief for poor little Isaac

  3. I hope the reflux meds help. Your trip to the ER sounds absolutely awful. I've heard the goat milk thing before. Something about the way the proteins are formed being different than cows milk.

    Good luck!

  4. Prilosec, in the bottle, twice a day SAVED us!! Lu had reflux & colick so eating was becoming such a hassle, especially after we had to stop breastfeeding. On the boob, she was great, but after my supply went waaay down & I had to start anti-depressants (thanks PPD) we tried 3 formulas before we figured out what worked. Her pediatrician was amazing. He right out suggested the Prilosec. It was a god-send. She has been off of it for almost a month, and is doing fantastic. I hope it works for you!!

  5. I feel your pain! Little Sister also has reflux. We just upped her dosage of meds and are hoping that helps. Fortunately she is keeping enough down to be growing well. I hope the meds help. Its horrible seeing your child go through that!

  6. I hope those meds work fast, I just had a feeling, it sounded EXACTLY like what my son was doing. If Isaac won't take the meds due to the icky taste, it works if you put it in a bit of formula just to get it down. I was also able to switch back to regular milk based formula once the meds started working (ie, no episodes during feeding, sleeping well, no grunting = a completly different happy baby!)

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