Tuesday, January 3, 2012

ER Visit

Last night, the formula change no longer seemed to be working, he was back to biting the nipple and screaming. I called the doctor this morning, and made an appointment for tomorrow.  By mid afternoon, he still had only eaten 9oz, so I called the doctor again to see if we should feed him some Pedialyte.  They suggested that we go to the ER.  We showed up about 3:30pm.

 It was the middle of the day... how busy could it be?

Ha!  We were there on a RECORD BREAKING day... over 107 patients.  About 6pm, we were 20th in line, provided a 'higher level' emergency didn't come in.  They gave me Pedialyte to feed him while we were waiting, I had tried formula again, and he outright refused it.

At 8pm, we were 14th in line, and we were both tired.  He had hardly slept, and I was exhausted.  Travis was there by then.  Since we were just sitting there waiting, I told him to stay at work, and get everything done he needed to, so that if I needed him home tomorrow, he could do it easier.

By 10pm, we decided that if all they were going to do was give us Pedialyte, we would be fine, we could get through the night, and just follow up with the appointment we already had.  That way we could go home, and they would have one less case to deal with.  I felt so bad for the nursing staff, they were doing the best they could, and some people were really being nasty.  They said they were going to try to get some cases that just needed to be 'reviewed' by the doctor done and out, and we were on that list.  They brought us back just after that, and the doctor confirmed he wasn't in distress, he didn't have any sores in his mouth, and suggested we try goats milk.   What the what?

We thanked them, checked out, and left.  On the way home, Trav stopped and got some more Pedialyte, so at least if he wasn't drinking formula, he was still drinking something.

We gave our boy a bath, he then actually ate about 4oz of formula, and then tucked him in.

Wow, what a freaking day.

I'm exhausted.

I'm going to bed!


  1. Yikes, what an ordeal. But yay for goat milk! I love it. So much easier to digest.

  2. you can always go standard for a year and try it out, as long as Isaac doesn't have major medical issues I think you just have to pay office copays. You can just make Isaac standard and you guys can keep your prime status.

    my son nolan had reflux and what helped a lot was switching to the sensitive formul and adding rice to the bottle to thicken it up and keep the formula in his belly. If you have any reflux questions and tricare options, e-mail me :) hope little man gets to feeling better soon!