Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doctors Visit

So I went to the doctor.  Again. 

I was almost in tears because I was in so much pain, and overall frustrated with the whole situation.

Just to sum up: 
My first visit was 9 weeks ago....

1st Dr. Appointment - Amantadine ( for virus) and Z pack (an antibiotic), iv of fluids/vitamins, and shot (antihistamine and steroid)
1st ER visit-  they added a decongestant to the mix
2nd Dr. Appointment - Amantadine (for virus) and omnicef (stronger antibiotic), iv of fluids/vitamins, and shot (antihistamine and steroid).
2nd ER visit- (Sunday night), chest x-ray and hydrocodone cough suppressant
3rd Dr. Appointment- Amantadine (again!) and Levaquin (an even stronger antibiotic), iv of fluids/vitamins, and a shot of rocephin (which I've been told is the strongest they can give without hospitalization), and a breathing treatment

My doctor today said that the report from the radiologist didn't show anything unusual, so he doesn't know where the ER doctor got the 'spots' from.  I basically said that at this point, I don't care... I just know that this isn't normal for me to be this sick, for this long, and not have a reason.

He agreed, and said he was going to 'hit it harder now'... with med's I suppose. 

I hurt, and it's not the ache that I get when I get a cold... like literally when I put clothes on and they touch my skin, it hurts, when I walk down the driveway (its at a little angle) the downward pull hurts, it's crazy, and besides that I don't know how to describe it.  I wish it were a deep ache, ibuprofen would take care of that- but this is such surface pain, it's weird.

I'm supposed to call the nurse tomorrow and let her know how things are going, and I have a follow up appointment next Monday.  he says he expects me to be 99% better by then.

Let's hope so.

Because I'm so over this. Like really.


  1. Ugh. I'm so sorry the nastiness is continuing. I hope the new meds help and you begin to feel much better very soon!

  2. I'm glad that you were seen by the doctor and that he didn't see what the ER doctor saw. What a relief. Now, let's hope that his meds get you feeling better!

  3. You sound like you have pneumonia. Take care. If you don't start feeling better in a few days, maybe you should ask for another x-ray?

  4. Goodness girl, that sounds miserable!!!! I agree it sounds like pneumonia possibly, but what do I know, I'm no doctor! I just hope you get to feeling better soon, b/c being so sick your skin hurts cannot be fun!!!! :-(

  5. Whenever I am sick I get that sensitive skin feeling and I can only imagine what that must feel like for such an extended amount of time. I really really hope this works for you. You need a freaking break!

  6. oh dear! that's just beyond awful!!
    surface pain is like nerve pain I guess right? and that is just the WORST!!
    Feel better, hope you get some answers or some just health in the next bit.
    This is pretty much the LAST thing you need right now eh?!
    Praying for you.

  7. You poor thing! I am so sorry. If the docs can't tell you anything more have you considered an infectious diseases specialist? I saw one once for lingering infection and that was what finally helped me. Hang in there, Jenn. I'll say some prayers for you. Being sick is so hard, especially when it drags on for so long.

  8. The surface pain sounds like shingles - a very good friend of mine said her skin hurt for a couple of weeks before the shingles actually showed up... Keep an eye out for any kind of a rash; Try to rest as much as possible. I know it's a bit redundant to point it out, but stress is a huge contributor to shingles...

    I so hope for you that this new set of meds will kick it and it's not shingles or something worse (i.e. b/c of the so-called spots). I'll be thinking of you!

  9. Oh that sucks. Especially your skin hurting, sounds awful.

  10. Oh, dear! Could it be possible that there are two different things at work, as some people are suggesting above? I hope that whatever it/they are, it can be easily remedied and you can get back to being 100%. In the meantime, please do get lots of rest and be assertive with those doctors if you don't feel the meds are helping. Thinking of you and sending love your way.

  11. :( Praying for you to get better REALLY soon!!! So sorry you have to go through so much, that sucks! ((HUGS))