Thursday, May 13, 2010


Anyone going through the adoption process...

Can you think of any key questions that you asked when interviewing agency's?

I'm nervous.

I hope my husband likes her, so we don't have to start all over finding another agency.

I like her, but I've spent a lot more time with her, so that helps, I think. 

These are some that my husband had come up with.... any others to add to the list?

*Who pays the medical bills for the birth mother and baby?

*After the baby is born, can the birth parents change their mind? For how long?

*What does the birth mother do after the baby is born? Are we there for the birth?

*Do we get a medical history of the birth parents/family?

*Is the agency nation wide? How do you determine which birth parents sees our profile?

*What does the agency consider 'semi-open'?

*Do we meet the birth mom? When? How often?

*Are legal services covered?


  1. You have great questions so far! I don't have any to add, I just wanted to chime in and say good luck again!

  2. You should contact Bon or Mrs. J. I'm sure they can help!
    Mrs. J:

  3. I hope you don't mind me jumping in here....

    You pay the medical bills. Hopefully she will have insurance or medicaid. If not, it's all on you.

    The baby will be on your insurance.

    Yes, expectant mother can change her mind. The length of time varies by state.

    Whether you are there for birth depends on the situation. If you are having an open adoption and the BM feels comfortable, she may invite you to be at the hospital. Or, you could just get a call after and meet the baby the next day at the agency or something.

    If the agency has a medical history, you will get a medical history. They tell you everything they know. It varies from situation to situation. We usually get a pretty detailed list.

    Semi-open would be letters and pictures shared. Open would be visits, etc.

    Whether or not you meet the birth mother would usually depend on how open the adoption is and what she wants.

    At our agency, legal fees are separate b'c it varies from case to case. And you need to get your own lawyer and pay him/her separate.

    Other questions I would ask:

    How long is the average wait?

    How long has the longest person currently waiting been waiting?

    How long is the longest amount of time anyone has waited?

    Can we have a complete list of all fees?

    What are the homestudy requirements?

    How often do you need to renew the homestudy?(it varies by state)

    How often does the agency experience failed matches/placements?

    Do the fees go up the longer you wait?

    How many profiles are typically sent to expectant mothers?

    How many placements do you typically have every year? How many waiting couples are there?

    If we have a failed match, how much money would be lose?

    These are just a few ideas off the top of my head. Hope it was helpful!

  4. Wishing you loads of luck!