Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crazy Ass Idea

It's taken me almost 4 days to truly process what my husband decided. 

I guess at some point over the past few weeks he has decided that our prior goal of paying off the truck before we adopt is no longer necessary, he just really needs to wait until he wraps his head around the idea.  I'm happy about that, but still cautious.  I guess we'll see when we see.

However, that didn't stop him from suggesting one of the MOST crazy ass idea's I've heard in quite a while.  First- let me set the scene... it had been a long, hard week at work (actually this one has been worse, and we are only Tuesday, but more on that later), and we both needed some 'honey' time.   We decided that we were going to make dinner and watch a movie, turn our phones off and shut down the computer.  It was agreed.  I was so looking forward to it. 

I don't know what I was doing that he got home before me, but holy cow, as soon as I walked in I wasn't prepared for this...

Him- "So, I was umm, looking at the bank account..."

*me thinking- shit what did I buy that he's going to question... how much was that last trip to walmart, I didn't go to Hobby Lobby did I? Oh I did... did I remember to pay with cash, ya, hmm, what's he talking abou then?*

Me- "Yes love..."

Him- "Well, I was looking at our account, and I think we should pay off the truck."




Me- "You what? You wan't to DRAIN our account to pay off the truck?"

Him- "Well, we wouldn't be draining it... I did the math, we would have XX.xx left."

Me- "OK, and what about our cable bill, mortgage, and utility bill I just sent out on Wednesday, how much would we have left then?"

Him- "Oh, I forgot about that..."

Me- *doing some quick math in my head* "Are you fucking kidding me... we would have $135.00 left.  ONE HUNDRED THRITY FIVE DOLLARS!!!  Until I got paid next week, which would be a whopping $375.00 (subs get paid awesome!) and then you don't get paid until May 15!"

Him- "We could do it"

Me-  "Um, no my heart can't...."

The discussion continued, and then got tabled... at least until we can decide if we can live on $135.00....

Oh the joys of marriage.  So much for our date night!

And the really weird part of it, I'm usually the impulsive, crazy one with money, hes the saver...


  1. I take this as a sign that he wants to adopt ASAP!!! Pay off the damn truck! :)

  2. As crazy as $135 sounds...paying off the truck is a huge huge thing before adoption for you guys! That's pretty exciting! What about waiting until the 15th to pay off the truck so you wouldn't be so squeeky with money? We went down your way today to pick up a few things before we leave for the weekend, but of course you were working. :(

  3. Husbands are cute sometimes. But, I agree the 15th is right around the corner. Therefore I think you could go either way.

  4. Hey, it sounds like my bank account right now!

    It would be a rough couple of weeks, but it might be worth it in the end...

    Think of having that debt cloud off your back!

  5. Ah, husbands. I have to say...makes me feel a little better about my bank account right now. Money just sucks

  6. At my house there's the let's completely change the deck rails (never mind that he didn't finish replacing the sections he started last fall so our deck is still missing a section of rail, and with other ongoing projects there's no time to actually do this one as well). Yeah. Husbands and their crazy ideas. Gotta love 'em cause you can't set the dogs on them, right?