Friday, May 28, 2010

I feel accomplished

Yesterday I think I successfully knocked out a good portion of 'other people/agency' requirements.

I dropped off a copy of the physical form to our doctors office so he knows what he needs to do for our appointments next week.

I went to the courthouse to get copies saying that we have no convictions ($12.10 per, but they were awesome and only charged me for one!)

I sent off all the 'letter of reference requirements' to our friends so they could get started on them.

I sent off the request for the child abuse and neglect screening for our state.

I also found out that my employer doesn't do 'letters' to verify employment (we have to have it on company letterhead that is notarized).  They give out a 1-800 number that they can call... still waiting to found out from our agency how to get around that...

I go get my fingerprints done this afternoon ($52.50).  I'm also going to run by our health insurance office to get a statement of when coverage starts for our adopted child (on letter head, notarized... it's turning into quite a pattern!)

I have my doctors appointment next Wednesday, Trav's is a couple days after that.

There are a few books we need to read (I've requested them from the library), and we need to go to an infant CPR/care class.  I also think that we need to go to an adoption support group, but that might be later on. 

We have to do our personal and family autobiography (six different areas: Individual, Family Background, Marital Relationship, Reasons for Wanting to Adopt, Parenting and Experience with Children, and Attitudes of Family and Friends Toward Adoption), and our family Pictorial Essay that only the review board will see (not our profile book).


  1. Remember to take in deep breathes...there is so much paperwork and legalitites when it comes to adopting and it is easy to get overwhelmed. I broke everything in parts and did one thing a day. When we turned in our paper work and found out our social worker didn't give us all the correct papers, I grew very frustrated. I sat down for 5 hours one night and just tackled all of the paper work that she forgot to give us (30 pages) and I ended up with a hand cramp (our agency made us handwrite everything), lol!

  2. Wow wow.. this is a lot of stuff! But you seem to be moving along very quickly. Every step is one step closer to your baby.

  3. I need to take a nap after reading down that list. You are doing awesome!

  4. You'll have paperwork coming out of your ears! Go J!

  5. oh wow, how come fingerprints cost so much?

  6. Wow. That is a lot of stuff to get done. But, the end result is worth it.

  7. You should know going into this part that nothing will be as easy as it should be. Paperwork will get lost. Someone will tell you they faxed something when they didn't. Everything that can go wrong will go wrong. But, you will get through it.

    Believe it or not, this part isn't the hard part. Waiting is the hard part. This is the part that feels good b'c you are being active in the process.

    I wish you the best of luck!!

    SO exciting!!!! :)

  8. Awesome!

    It's crazy how people think the adoption process is just a matter of picking out a child. There is so much more to it!