Wednesday, May 12, 2010

B doesn't stand for Bad

That was the awesome advice my little brother gave me while I was stressing out over one of my finals.  I was telling him that I was a low A, and that if I don't do well, I'll get a B....

He just looked at me and couldn't quite understand what the big deal was... and that B didn't stand for bad... :)

I love him.

In other news, again my husband brought up paying off the truck, and then three sentences later, said he wanted to meet with the adoption case worker to get to know her and begin to understand the process....

Except, I think it's funny, if we pay off the truck... we no longer have a pile (albeit a small pile) of money to begin the adoption....

I guess I'm just grateful that he's at this point, and wanting to move forward, even if it is slowly.

Slowly forward is better then standing still. 


We meet with her at Panera by his office tomorrow.   Hmmm....


  1. I agree 100%. Moving forward, even if it's slowly, is better than standing still.

    Good luck tomorrow! Please update us when you can.

  2. I keep cheering for you hubby's suggestions! I'm so glad he wants to move forward. :)