Sunday, May 9, 2010

Good Husband

Yes, I have a good husband.  No, an amazing husband. 

A husband who deals with my emotions.

A husband who lets me cry.

A husband who helps me keep my sanity.

A husband who respects my wishes.

A husband who understands my strained relationship with his daughter, and realizes her 'Happy Mothers Day' wishes fell flat....

A husband who does what he can to save me from the hurt.

A husband who intercepts well meaning text messages from people wishing me a Happy Mothers Day.

A husband who deletes those messages.

A husband who feels bad when he misses a message because I had my phone on me, and he couldn't get it from me before I read it.

A husband who understands why I don't want cards, or flowers, or anything.

A husband who has an amazing sister that sent me a message "Even though I know you don't have a 'real' baby, I think you are still a mommy.  They are just waiting for you.  So Happy Mothers Day."

A husband who didn't expect me to put on a happy face and enjoy today.

A good, amazing, wonderful, special husband.  I am blessed.