Thursday, May 27, 2010

Did you notice...

Look up top... see it, there is a new tab!

So.... we have had things fly by, and now we are way further then we thought we would be on the adoption front, at least as far as paperwork.

We submitted everything last Wednesday (or that's when I mailed it off...) and we got an e-mail Friday that our first application packet was accepted, and that they were sending out the second application packet.  We were told that this step of the process was 2-4 WEEKS... it happened in 2 days!

We received it yesterday, and so far, (or at least by today after I leave school) we will have
Both our doctor appointments set up
I have my finger printing set up
Forms mailed off for our criminal history report
All the letters of references requirements to our friends (with a SASE to send it back to our agency)
90% of the paperwork filled out... I think I wrote our names and address about 50 times!  I filled out that type of information, but none of the real questions yet.

They said if your diligent, that it will take a month to get it done.

I find that my personal challenge!


  1. How thrilling!!!!

  2. Whoohoo! This is so super exciting!

  3. So exciting! Thanks for sharing the time line it could help others in the future.

  4. Great news! I know that all that paperwork is just crazy!!! Good luck.

  5. So exciting, I hope that everything goes smoothly for you and you get to be parents very soon!

  6. That is so exciting, I hope the whole process goes smoothly. I know you will be parents soon.