Thursday, April 1, 2010


So, the school I'm subbing at for the rest of the year has had some interesting days.  But that's all I can really say about that beyond the fact that I have a sprained wrist from holding back someone while there was a fight... it was a mother...  who was encouraging her children to 'kick their ass'... ya, fun times.

But, the Internet has been having spotty issues, and Blogger hasn't been working.  And since this is the place where I do a majority of my reading/posting of blogs... the amount has gone drastically down! By the time that I get home and get what I need to get done, done, I usually read the blogs, but don't take the time to update my own.

There are probably going to be a bunch of short, full of pictures posts... so hold on to your britches, here they come!

I cleaned out my wallet... and this is everything in it I don't need.  Wow!  It motivate me from purging other things.... from my closet, and my garage, and even my life (like the friend from high school who has 'such a hard time getting pregnant' (3 months) and complains almost daily on facebook how shes 'so sick'.... blah!)

This is how thick everything was... it's like a whole new wallet.

I also cleaned out my purse (it had gotten really heavy) and for the first few days, when I picked it up I had to check to make sure my wallet was in there, because it felt to light to have it in... that's when you know it was bad!


  1. Funny! I can't believe you hurt your wrist holding back a mom!

  2. I love cleaning out my purse... I just wish that love translated into other areas, because my house tells a different story.

    Light purses for the win.