Tuesday, April 6, 2010


"Ummm... do we not live in the same world?"

That was the question I just asked my husband.  Because, really?  I had to ask...

I came home tonight from class and sat on the couch.

I just kinda zoned out, and he asked what was wrong...

I just looked shocked.  Because apparently he and I do not live in the same world.

My world revolves around my job of teaching fucking juvenile delinquents (who have more girls then I care to know knocked up), my masters classes suck, we are struggling with deciding what adoption route to take, and to top it off this weekend, I get to deal with his 'crazy baby momma' and her family for my step daughters birthday party (which I planned....). 

He looked at me- completely strait faced-  and said  "no you live in the 'world of Jenn', it's a little crazy in there"...


But then he gave me a kiss, and my crazy little world got 100 times better.  

I love having him home.


  1. i hope the world of jenn gets a bit calmer :o)

    and teaching juvies...good for you! thanks bc somebody has got to do it

  2. LOL! Glad he's back home again.