Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bed Building- Part Deux

At this point, we had to take my step daughter home (it was the end of the weekend time), and Travis had called.  When the project started (actually when he found out about it by looking at the bank account and saw all the stuff we bought at Lowes and Home Depot...) we promised him pictures of it by that night. 

We thought we were about 20 min from being done... so we told him it would be that long for us to put all the finishing touches on it, and then he would get pictures e-mailed to him.  THOUGHT was the key word.   We got it all done, threw the box springs on it to take pictures and then almost cried... 
This is the picture he received... little did he (or us for that matter) know, we still had 5 more hours of building after this.  We knew we were going to have to notch out the footboard (its just leaning up in the picture above (notice the white bucket still holding the rails up) but that shouldn't take very long...

We had already started taking the bed apart (for the 3 time) when I took this picture, but you can see how far off the bed was... the boxsprings was all the way snug on the left.  It was almost 11 inches to wide.
And then the rails didn't fit in that short space on the foot board, so we had to notch part of it out... gotta love the dremmel!

The stiles (that hold the mattress up) had to be shortened too... so off those came.
Since the headboard and foot board were also two wide, we had to cut them down.  We did it by taking off the two decorative pieces on the top, and then the two side pieces and just used a circular saw to trim it down.  We were VERY lucky, and it didn't mess up our finish on the headboard. 

I was so exhausted by this time, I didn't take many pictures of the last steps, we were so freaking tired, and 'over' the whole bed building thing that we just wanted to get d-o-n-e, done!
The last screw.... 

Its finished!! Whoohoo!!!

And the amazing part is after all of that, we are still friends, and laughing... oh- and we built another bed since then for a friend!


As you can see, the picture above this one, we just had the mattress on it.  We did it with both, and I didn't like how high it was, but after living with it low for a week or so, I didn't like it either.  So, I ended up switching it back to the higher set up. 

And our next project is a step stool for me to get in it.

Travis still hasn't seen it, he gets home this weekend.  We've begun building the nightstands, but after two beds and a workbench (post on that later), my Jenn the builder phase has taken vacation.  Eventually we will have matching nightstands... eventually.

I have to give credit where credit is due:

This project would still be a glimmer in my mind, if it weren't for my friend Amanda... she is amazing, and fun too! 
Erika (the second bed was built for her), came over and was a huge help, and our resident nurse on the job site.
And last but not least, Sarah, who brought the drinks and was our OSHA supervisor.  She was definitely our comic relief for part of the building! 

Overall- I had a blast, feel empowered, and gained some 'garage/tool credit' from my husband.

oh, and HOLY HELL, I BUILT MY OWN FREAKING BED (with some help) !!! 

 How many hot chicks do you know that can say that!


  1. I am very impressed! (1) That you tackled the project yourself, & (2) that you were able to get it done in one day/night.

    Nice job!

  2. Awesome! It came out great! Projects like these always astound me with how much work they are - so frustrating but well worth it in the end.

  3. Seriously awesome. I can't freaking believe you built your own bed and it looks like it's from a furniture showroom! Holy hell indeed! =)

    Way to go!!

  4. I'm very impressed! You are so bad is actually kinda hot that you built your own bed, I'm sure Travis is going to think the same thing!