Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bed building

Back to the ever- fateful bed building...  We finally got it all done... and we only had to rebuild the damn thing 4 times...

Note to self- the "Measure twice, cut once' is only valid if the "Cracky-McCraken" that you got the plans from has the right measurements (as she was called by the end of the evening because she was obviously 'smoking crack' when she drew up the plans).  Don't get me wrong, she has beautiful pieces, but when she converts plans for beds and such (twin to queen to king) its not completely seamless....


This is the pieces of the bed drying in the garage.  I used Minwax PolyShades.  I'm not completely convinced that they are truly a 'one-step process' as stated on the can.  There is some polyurethane in the stain, but I decided I wanted a bit more protection.  I was told by a teacher I work with that I should mix 1 part satin polyurethane-1 part mineral spirits.  It will knock the shine down, but still give you the protection.  You put it on with cheesecloth, so you don't have brush strokes, and makes the finish on your wood be-u-ti-ful!  I'm so pleased!

Room cleared out- check!
Pieces in- Check!

Let the building begin! (round 1)
Crackey- Mc Cracken had us build the frame and stiles first, and then attache it to the rails... one problem...

When she did the measuring, we were now a 2x4 with on both sides to wide...(the rail is supposed to fit in the notch in the headboard.
So we took the frame COMPLEATLY apart and re did it like this (Round two!).

We were then ready to attach the rails to the headboard and foot board.  My mother in law works in food service, and always grabs these big buckets for my husband to use to was the car.... or build beds apparently!

Everything is square! Double BONUS

This is what my step daughter did the whole time... she's making friendship bracelets for kids at the local hospital.  She has such a good heart!  She wanted tape to tape the knot to the table, and both of my friends and I were like, "No, you want a safety pin".  She didn't want to do that, because 'all her friends at school used tape'... We tried to explain that we all had 10 times the 'friendship bracelet making skills/time' and she should just try it out... She was wearing really thin leggings, so she pinned it to a sofa pillow.  Needless to say, in about 22 seconds we had converted her to a 'safety pin holding- friendship braclet making- girl'!

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