Thursday, April 1, 2010


I talked here about how my spring break was filled with purging.  I started cleaning out my scrapbooking room, office and guest bedroom.  Well, the scrabooking room and guest bedroom got emptied into the office (and hallway). 

As I've bitched commented about before, I H-A-T-E the salmon- peach-tanish color that our is in... I've successfully now covered one more room! 

(I still have our bedroom, living room, and hallway, and then it's ALL GONE!)

Travis didn't have any idea that my plan was to 're-do' this room as well,  in fact, I took a picture of the "I *heart* Travis) up close so there was no clue as to what room it was in (from windows and doors), and he STILL doesn't know where I put the new paint.  It looks a bit yellow, but really its a creamy color.  I like it, and since we know we are moving, its not something I will have to re-paint in 3 years when the Air Force sends us to our new duty station.  (AND- it's very gender neutral because eventually it will have a baby in help me God if we leave this house without a little one! You might just have to commit me to a mental hospital.  I've already left to 'baby rooms' in our old houses... and don't think I can do one more)
The motivation for doing the guest bedroom was that we used to have a (self made) padded headboard in there that was replaced when I finished my beautiful wood bed.  The guest bedroom had nothing (just the mattress/box springs on rails) and so we (my bed making friend/designer Amanda and I) decided to move the old one it in there. 

I was TRICKED into getting this crazy ass pattern to recover the headboard....

In fact, through all of it (I was having hart palpitations at the fabric store, its huge and crowed with bolts of fabric (so not like hobby lobby or joanns)!  In fact I was QUITE ridiculed for being so 'vanilla' (every room in my house that I've painted is some sort of brown or cream-except my office which is muted green... which apparently still didn't qualify as being 'un-vanilla')

We flipped the comforter around, so that it brought out more of the blue in the headboard.  I'm still looking for some more accessories for the room, since I had been starting to collect (from clearance racks and such) French Country Chic type things, and well, um... those no longer really 'fit' in the room.

I will probably (definitely) recover the chair with some other fabric I will be tricked into getting, (I love the chair though- $5.00 at a garage sale!) and find some green 'stuffs' that are tall to put in this basket/vase thing (stuffs is what Travis calls dried/fake flowers).

It's still a work in progress to 'polish it', but I LOVE that I now have four less walls in my house that are salmon- peach-tan.  That in its self is a major plus.   


  1. I love the pics! You're working so hard an making great progress!

  2. Wow, the headboard looks amazing!! I tend to stick with neutral colors too! I have a friend who was bold enough to paint her living room a pretty shade of burgundy but I'm not THAT brave!

  3. i actually quite like the headboard. i am sooo vanilla myself, sometimes it takes a kick in the butt to get me to think outside of the box