Friday, April 9, 2010

I *heart* free stuff

So, I've begun couponing... and have further been encouraged by a friend at work who is coupon master...

K-mart is having their double days for coupons, where they will double any coupon up to $2.00, so you can get up to $4.00 off.

I'm not for one to just buy stuff because it's free, I have my brands, and I usually stick with them.

However, this time around they had a TON of things that I use!
So over the past week, (you can only do 5 per day) I've collected quite a stash. 
Travis went with me on Tuesday.  He didn't understand why I was getting 5 boxes of dog treats.  The conversation went a little like this:

Him: Why five, why not just one or two
Me: Because they are free
Him:  But just get two, that will be enough
Me: But I can get five for free
Him:  Why does it matter
Me: It's not like they are going to go bad- we have 3 giant dogs
Him: How can they really be free, there has to be a gimmick
Me: No, no gimmick, just grab them and lets go check out.
Him:  Fine.

*** cashier scans my rewards card, scans the 5 boxes of treats, scans the 5 $2.00 coupons I have (that double), prints out the receipt and says "Have a great day"....

Him:  Wow, we didn't even have to pay tax.
Me:  I know, isn't that cool, you just walk in, go to a line, and walk out with $20.00 of dog treats!
Him: What else can we get free?
Me:  Well, there is lots of stuff, but I'm only getting stuff we will actually use, like my razors that I use and stuff.
Him: Is there anything that I use that's free?
***I shuffle through the list***
Me: No, there is just some body wash and deodorant for guys, but not the brand you use (hes a brand whore too).
Him:  Well, I could use it if it's free!

I'd have to say- hes converted!

So, my stash for the last few days of doubling (and I still have two more to go!)

All for the grand total of $8.33
(the razors were $4.00 off, but normally $5.79 so I had to pay a little for each pack of 4)
Oh, and a candy bar.  Because I was hungry, and I didn't have a coupon!