Friday, April 9, 2010

Murder at our house

The Killing Field:

Dear pretty purple plant,
I'm sure you would look great on the side of the road, or even in a pasture, but not on the side of my house!

Dear Clover,
You are going down.  My puppy is allergic to you, therefor whenever you come around you make his feet red, and then I have to shove benadryl pills down his throat.  Not our favorite thing to do.  So, you must die!

Dandelion oh dandelion,
When I was little, before company picnics, my Dad would pay me a penny for every one I picked, just so you wouldn't see the yellow when you looked out at his grass.  However, I don't have a child to con pay to pick you, so you must just die.
Dear plant,
Really?  WTF?  I have never seen you before.  You kinda look like carrots... but then I pulled you up, and you weren't.  Well, even if you were carrots, I don't want carrots growing around my a/c unit and fence line, so I'm sorry friend.  Even though you are 'food like' you too must go.

So yes... we were murderers this weekend... hopefully it will result in a weed free long, and we can seed it in May!  Yea for crappy grass that comes when you buy a foreclosure! 

But, I've got full confidence in my OCD-yard lovin-husband... he'll have it looking great at the end of the summer....(though, I'm the one that put the weed and feed down, and I'm going to have to mow tonight... so I should get some credit....)

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  1. Yard work is hard! I took a full day off last week to do it, and it still looks like it could use another full day of my hard labor.

    You definitely deserve credit.