Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Sting

My parents are in town, and have been....

It's been amazing.  They haven't been here this long... well, ever!  Unfortunately, there is a motivating factor, my Grandpa was put into a nursing home because he's officially loosing it.  He's always lived in this alter world, you never do know what really happened.  So, my awesome aunt that lives in Chicago also came down, and we had a blast with her too!  We spent the first 3-4 days they were here focusing on Grandpa, getting his needs met, and getting him settled (new socks, clothes, and some 'home like' items like a bed spread).   But now that's mostly done, so we had fun! 

We've knocked out some projects like getting trellises up in the garden, and a baby shower present done (it's a crafty sort of one...).  My Mom and I also figured out the hardware for my my nightstand I built, and are going to get the fabric to line the inside tomorrow. 

Today, we had to return Grandpa's slippers for a bigger size.  We had to wait because the greater was helping someone else scan stuff for a return.  It was all baby stuff.  For a little boy.  She had a shower and got duplicates of several things. 

It reminded me that not to long ago, I was returning things to stores for a little boy too.  But for very different reasons.

It stung.

Damn it stung.

My Mom saw my eyes that were brimming with tears, and put her arm around me. 

I think about her.  They waited 17 years for me.  Seventeen years.  I've only waited a few, surely I can do it, I can make it.  But, I often think, I'm not nearly as strong as my Mom is.  She's an amazing woman, and a spectacular Mother. 

But still, it stung. 


  1. Oh man. I hate reminders like that. So sorry Jenn. That must have stunk. :(

  2. Wow your mom is an amazingly strong woman. I couldn't have waited that long. I am so sorry you went through that I remember returning the carseat and stroller after loosing my son and the store attendant saying since the box was open I had to keep them. I lost it. Hugs and prayers your way.

  3. I'm sorry honey, I love you! Your mom is amazing and very strong and patience made her a winner because you are also amazing! I would so proud if my daughter turned out to be half as amazing as you!!

    I will never forget after our failed adoption and returning baby girl's clothes and the ladies at Kohls gave me attitude and I finally broke down and my cousin made her feel like crap by saying, "it's not her fault the agency screwed them over because her husband is away in the Army."

  4. I'm so sorry. That must be so incredibly hard :(

  5. I'm so sorry. That really must have hit you hard. Sometimes I think it's times when I'm having a good time or my mind is totally somewhere else that are the hardest. When it just hits you out of the blue like that. :(

  6. I'm so sorry. It sucks. I remember returning all the girl stuff we had bought when we got scammed during our adoption process. It sucks and hurts. Sending you lots of love to carry you through this wait.

  7. Nothing like a kick in the gut to ruin your day... I'm sorry.

  8. That must have been so hard. I'm so sorry! I can't imagine what you have been through but know that we are all here for you! You are not alone.
    I just featured you for blog love! Huge hugs!

  9. Your mom seriously sounds like an amazing mother.

    Seventeen years is unimaginable to me. What an amazing woman. You are lucky to have her.