Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Blog

So... this started out as a specifically 'infertility' journey.  But there is so much more that goes on in my life.  I'm an Air Force wife (which sometimes takes up more space then I would like it to).  I'm a daughter (what amazing parents who bytheway are coming to visit in THREE days!).  I'm a crafter (it's almost an obsession).   I'm also a builder of wood things...

So, I decided to do another blog that is just crafty projects.  I'll probably still mention them on here, but only show an 'end' picture.  I'll also post updated on our garden there.  So.... if that sounds like something you'd like to visit, come on over, and welcome to my 'other home'  5457 Whispering Hills!

And no, that's not my 'real' address.  It's a combo of all the places we've lived... to make a unique place we call home!

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  1. Sounds like a great idea!!!

    Wondering if this comment will make it on your blog. Damn blogger is still having issues!!!