Friday, June 24, 2011

Catching Up.

Lots of things have happened, in every aspect of our life.  Family, church, adoption, emotions.

Our garden has gone from this....
to this....
(yes those are tires... for sweet potato slips... that haven't been so successful, more on that later!)

My parents came into town, and Mom helped me turn these....


Into this for my front porch,
And this between our two car and one car garage.
They now look like this.
And this (not as vivid as real life, it was from my phone and washed out)

We went to see some shows while they were in town

We went shopping at The Landing (and outdoor mall right along the lake)

We "Rode the Ducks"

(seriously... these make the MOST annoying sound... and Trav still blows it at random times, always making me jump!)

The two best looking 'Quakkers' on the boat! :)

My Dad REFUSED to quack... not even once...

I got to drive!
Trav had a 'recruiting' event at a big race

The guys and gals that are waiting to leave for basic training were sworn in.  It was amazing, they all came marching out, and the entire grandstand stood silently, and the whooping and hollering after was so supportive.

The cars before the beginning of the final race.  We were asked to be 'special fans' and were invited to one of the suites! Holy cow.  They were so kind, we had a blast talking with them, and the food was ah-maz-ing!

The suite box looking down on the track!
We each got a big red bag full of stuff! The bottles on the left are a new type of liquid wax. 


  1. Your garden and plants look beautiful! Great work. The flowers and bushes that we planted a month or so ago are doing well, too. It's a great feeling to cultivate plant life.

    I love the Quackers! Too funny. It's awesome that you got to drive.

    I look forward to hearing more update.

  2. Looks like you've been busy with great, fun things! Love the garden pics!