Saturday, October 2, 2010

Session 1 down

We finished our first session with the case worker early afternoon.  It was a lot of going over information that we had submitted into our packets already.  There was some discussion, mostly about the readings, or why we selected the Caucasian program, why we are open to twins, how I felt being an adopted child that is now adopting.... nothing to earth shattering.

In the evening, we watched our neighbors twin girls.  They just turned one, and for now, are the light of our lives!  We love spending time with them, so are more then happy any time they come over.  They are going through a growth spurt, and had a melt down over dinner, one was hungry, one wasn't.... it was a mess.

It was the first time Trav had to fully be responsible for one of the twins, because my hands were full with the other one.  In the end, we rocked the both to sleep on the love seat.  I have a picture of Trav and B, when I get the pictures off my camera I'll upload it.

Now we just wait for the other social worker to get off vacation and see when we can all meet again. 

Though we aren't quit to that point yet, I'm going to start working on our profile book... I have a feeling with teaching and classes, it's going to sneek up on me!

However, so far today, I've been blissfully happy staying in bed and catching up on all my new shows.... last four episodes of Royal Pains (a summer series on USA), the first two of Glee (I got hooked over the summer), and I'm half way though my second episode of NCIS.  Trav got invited to be a team captain for some paint ball tournament.  The proceeds got to the DAV, and so it's military themed, there are three teams for each branch, so they needed three captains from each branch.  Since we are not near any military instillation, they called the recruiters.  They got to play for free, and the lunch is getting catered in.  He's not a big paintballer (I don't think he's ever done it before honestly), but it was worth it for the experience.  I'm not sure I'm looking forward to his clothes coming home (shows you how little I know... are they really covered in paint, or do they get coveralls?)

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  1. Sounds like a really great day.

    DH used to play paintball - while we were first dating he showed up at my door one night with a busted up lip because his face mask failed - but I never had to deal with his clothes, so I can't answer that. Just be prepared for some bruises because apparently the balls can really hit hard at even semi-close range.