Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Could it be?  We are really done with our adoption profile?  It doesn't seem like it?  We've sent it back and for to the agency.  My Mom has edited it several times.  I've been up until at least 11 every night for the past 6 of the last 8 nights working on it....

I've sent it to a few people who saw the first batch, because we figure more eyes on it the better! 

*hint hint*  if you are a good editor, and would like to see it, drop me a line- lovemarriagecarriage (at) gmail (dot) com!

ps- my husband is laying  (lay- lie- I'm not a grammar teacher) next to me, and is questioning my question mark at the end of the third sentence.... I told him it was my damn blog, and I'd write how I wanted- my theory- I'm questioning the fact that we could possibly be done... "It's my blog, and I'll blog how I want to, blog how I want to, blog how I want to" (sung to 'It's my party...)

And then he started doing flashbacks to this episode... (sorry of the bad quality, it was all I could find on youtube)


  1. Very cool. You're just truckin' along!

  2. It looks very nice.... I can't believe how much info you have to put in it. No wonder you have been stressing, But now it is all over with and looks great :)

  3. Congrats on being done! And, yes, your question mark is perfectly fine because you are indicating rising intonation at the end of your statement to show you are not sure of something - the only way to do that when writing is a question mark!

    And you guys are too cute! ("you would blog, too, if it happened to you!")