Saturday, October 30, 2010

I love him

Travis is not a huge fan of taking pictures... he's worse that a little kid about it sometimes.  If it can't be captured within one or two shots, then it ain't happening.

I had gone with my girlfriend to get photos taken of her two year old son, and twin one year old girls.  We had a blast, and the photographer is awesome!  She kept things moving, so I booked a session. 

Trav was not happy, but I told him it would be his Christmas present to me... So he sucked it up.  He actually ended up not hating the whole experience.  She was so good!  And, the best part about it is, she edit's the photos and then gives us them all with the copyright, so we can do whatever we want! WHOHOO!!!

She always puts some 'teasers' on her facebook page, so I snagged them.  I can't wait for the whole set to come in!  {yes, we are quite aware that Travis will need to buy a gun when his daughter is old enough to date! However, it became even more evident after seeing these pictures of her}


  1. Wow, getting the rights is awesome! That's a huge huge thing that I looked for when we were doing E's newborn shoot. As I said, I love love love the pics!

  2. Beautiful pictures!

    So glad you're doing the blogging challenge for November.

    PS - I updated the button on my blog with a link to take you to the list of bloggers joining us on the challenge. :-)

  3. Beautiful pics! :) My husband is the same way about pictures - I'd be amazed if he agreed to something like this!