Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Our neighbors recently made a long trip out California to get some things that they had in storage and move everything back here.  They needed to go through their garage and clean out what they didn't need, so they could make room for what was coming home.

We helped them one night, and were given permission to 'scavenge' what they were getting rid of.  I got some martini glasses (everyone needs a few more of those!).  They had set this apart for us before we got their.  They are foster (about to adopt) parents, and brought twin girls home from the hospital.  The hospital gave them two car seats, which they only used for a few days until they got a whole travel system. 

They knew that we had decided to buy just the necessities before a baby is placed with us.... call it guarding our heart, but its what we need to do, for us. (car seat, a few bottles, a can of formula, a pack of diapers, a pack of wipes, a few gender neutral outfits.... granted- we'll go all out once the baby has been placed (and so will our families!) so don't think our child will be neglected!)

So.... officially, this is our first baby thing we have gotten.  Oh, and the duck.  My husband is the KING of those dumb claw machines... give him $.50, and he'll come back with a stuffed animal.  A few years ago, right after we lost our Sea Monkey, he got this baby rattle duck thing.  He said something sweet, about it being for the baby God meant for us to hold.... that's the baby we are going bring home through adoption!  It only seemed fitting to have it wait for that baby in the car seat that will bring that baby home.

The car seat is wrapped back in plastic (with the duck), and put in the guest bedroom closet.  This is where it will sit, showing we are ready for our baby, until we get to unpack it to bring our baby home.


  1. So sweet! I think it is wonderful that you are showing the universe how ready you are for your bundle of joy!

  2. Yay! I'm laughing at the duck as we just did this with a cabbage patch doll (don't ask) in our carseat and put a pic on my blog. :)

  3. I haven't commented here before, but I wish you much luck getting a great adoption going. Good idea to get the necessities now! Make sure that car seat is not expired, most expire 6 years after their manufacture date :)