Tuesday, September 14, 2010


With the news last Friday that we had been approved from our Packet II, and were now officially in the homestudy process, we had excitement.  Then the realization that people would be coming to our house.  There were several things that we wanted to get done before that happens. 

We both know that it doesn't matter how our house is decorated, or what kind of furniture we have, but for us, we don't feel like our house 'fit' us yet.... we were still working on making it 'our home'.  My mother in law thinks we're nesting.... I think Travis is nesting, and I'm just taking advantage of loosened purse strings.... (more on that later)!

Next weekend is a huge weekend for Travis (recruiting duty....), so the big projected needed to be done (or at least started) this weekend.  We painted our bedroom, the last room in the house that needed to be painted.  Also, in January, we had begun looking at furniture.  Ours was on it's last leg.... it had gone through several moves (and military movers are SO careful!), plus a few years where we allowed the dogs on them (big mistake).  Plus, even though we had washed all the fabric we could- it's been in a house with 3 dogs for FOUR YEARS.... and it kinda smelled like dog....

We had decided that if we were going to get furniture, it had to meet some requirements:
- Leather
- Reclining
- No 'western' studs (nail's?)
- Dark color (not redish)

Ok, so we're not so picky.... 

We have been looking off and on, but hadn't found anything we loved.  For some reason, we decided to go look again while we were out running other errands this weekend (again- maybe loosened purse strings?)

We found a set, that hit all our requirements.  We could pay cash.  We knew it was a good buy.... so we did!

Besides a house or car- this is our biggest purchase together.  It was kinda scary, but we knew we were making a wise decision. 

Since we paid cash for it, we took money from our 'extra money/adoption' category.  I should be able to make the amount back within the month, so it really only set us back a month as far as budgeting for the adoption.... and at the rate of our schedule (trying to match up with the social worker on a night I don't have class....) it will probably take that long to get our homestudy done.

The love seat reclines on each side, but also rocks, independently of each other.... I'm thinking that could be helpful when we need to rock a baby!

The puppies weren't sure they liked the new addition.  You can be SURE they will not be allowed up.... ever.... even if they give us a sad face!

Mom- that picture is for you.... I told him to "Smile for Mom".... doesn't he look comfortable!  The middle section folds down, and though it wasn't on our list- the little black square you see.... ummm ya, that's the place where you turn on the vibrator for each side.  Not a bad upgrade!