Thursday, September 30, 2010

Home Study

So it's almost 10, the night before our home study... my floors aren't clean, though my bathroom's are thankfully, because my husband did them while I was away at class.

Which by the way- my brain went blah for part of it.  Did you know that 7-3=5... ya, didn't work so well for the solution of my problem!

Anyways, back to the visit... we found out yesterday, that the back to back visits weren't going to happen.  Apparently it's against the law.  Also, our social worker has never done one by herself, she's shadowed someone, and updated one, but never done one alone... so they want another social worker to shadow one visit with us...

Which means that we have to mesh two social workers, a recruiter, and a teacher's schedule... ya, that's going to work easy!

So anyways, it's almost ten, my house isn't all clean, and I'm blogging, watching The League, (which might have the best 1-liners AFTER The Office!), drinking a beer.  Maybe it's just so funny because I am drinking a beer?!? hmmm... that's a good question.

I guess I'll update you tomorrow, either when he's getting interviewed, or after the whole day. 


  1. Don't worry you both will do great!!!! Lots of luck! Hugs!

  2. You're going to be awesome. I'm constantly amazed by what you can accomplish.

  3. Things will go great.... Just be yourselves and everything will be perfect. As for the house until it's the Home Inspection don't fret our caseworker came in sat on our couch and didn't even look around until then :) Then when it came time for that it was pretty easy as well :) J

  4. My sister got us hooked on the league too. Love it!
    Just don't have any "whites only" signs up for your home study. LOL

  5. Praying that the timing of your schedules all work out beautifully!