Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Letter

A few weeks ago, we had to send our first letter to Isaac's birthparents.  It seemed like such a daunting task.  I wasn't really sure what to say.  Or how to start, or what not to say.  Our agency included a example, topics, and a few adoption articles to help us with this first letter. 

I read them all, and then sat on it.  For a few days. 

I sat at my computer and started to write.  And I wrote, and wrote.  They suggested 3-5 pages, on 'nice' paper.  All I could come up with for 'nice' paper was the paper we printed resumes out on, so that's what they got.  We had to do two letters (they could be the same) but addressed to his birth father and birth mother.  And had to send in duplicate set's of photos.

I told them about the time we spend in Kentucky, what we did while we were there, the trip home, our routine, and other things that had happened, like the baby shower friends held for me.   He was able to meet all his Grandparents within a week of each other, so we sent photos of them each holding him, told about his room and routine.  We wrote of how much he has changed our lives, and brought a whole new level of joy to our family/marriage/lives.

And then we sent it off.

His birth parents requested a semi-open adoption, even though we were willing to have an open one.  I hope that they write back to us (and said that in the letter).  I also included an 'adoption contact specific' email address for them to email to us if they would like to.

Being adopted myself, I didn't have much information on my birth parents.  My first few months of contact with my birth mom was all about questions.  Who she was, why she placed, what other family I have...

I don't want that for Isaac.  I want him to know how loved his is by both of them.  I want him to know where he gets his gorgeous brown curly hair.  I want him to know them.  I want him to love them, just like we already love them. 

I hope they respond.  I hope they write back.  For him.  For us. 

Back's a Crackin'

I love my doctor.

Like LOVE, love him.

He's old school.  I think I talked about his 'old school-ness' when I was sick (really sick-whooping cough undiagnosed for several weeks sick) last winter. 

He has no problem giving you a shot of antibiotics to skip the whole 7-10 day pill thing.

He'll hook you up to a 'super pack' IV full of immunity recharger's (it's yellow, I think it has potassium in in? and other good stuff) right there in his office.

If I'm sick (strep), and my husband starts to get it (he's both of ours doctor) , he doesn't make him go in, just sends in another prescription for the same thing I was on.

Well, this whole new rocking, swaying, carrying a car seat baby thing has JACKED with my back.  I tried Motrin, hot baths, having Trav rub it, but it got bad.  I went in and he cracked it for me!

Now, I'm a HUGE fan of chiropractic care, but my health insurance doesn't cover it... but he's had the training, and so he can do it right in his office!  LOVE IT!  I went back on Monday for my second round.  It's getting better, I'm doing stretches and strengthening things for it too, but until it stops hurting, it's nice to know I'm a phone call (and a no co-pay office visit) away from feeling better!

Monday, September 12, 2011

So tired!

I never understood how new moms couldn't find time to blog... all you do is stay home all day with a baby.


I get it.

I so get it.

We are here, we are healthy, we are happy.

Trav goes back to work full time on Thursday. I've loved having him home, and it will be interesting to see how our schedule changes once that happens.

I have the most amazing husband ever. He knows me so well, and know's when to tell me to go to bed at 9pm, and take all the night feedings, and let me sleep in...  even if it means he does it 2 nights in a row!  I'm so blessed that he's such a great Dad.  I love watching him with Isaac, he's so gentle.  He talks to him, feeds him, reads to him, plays with him, rocks him, and is just amazing.

We had our 'not so newborn' newborn shoot today... and oh my gosh.  Since Isaac is over 6 weeks, he made us work for it!   Our photographer has posted some 'rough' sneak peaks, (non edited) tonight, but a new one comes up about every hour, so I'll wait to post them all.

Seriously, my son is awesome.

Just freaking awesome.

And he'll be up in 2 hours to eat... so I'm going to bed!

Friday, September 2, 2011


There is something amazing (and sexy) about watching your husband become a Daddy!