Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back's a Crackin'

I love my doctor.

Like LOVE, love him.

He's old school.  I think I talked about his 'old school-ness' when I was sick (really sick-whooping cough undiagnosed for several weeks sick) last winter. 

He has no problem giving you a shot of antibiotics to skip the whole 7-10 day pill thing.

He'll hook you up to a 'super pack' IV full of immunity recharger's (it's yellow, I think it has potassium in in? and other good stuff) right there in his office.

If I'm sick (strep), and my husband starts to get it (he's both of ours doctor) , he doesn't make him go in, just sends in another prescription for the same thing I was on.

Well, this whole new rocking, swaying, carrying a car seat baby thing has JACKED with my back.  I tried Motrin, hot baths, having Trav rub it, but it got bad.  I went in and he cracked it for me!

Now, I'm a HUGE fan of chiropractic care, but my health insurance doesn't cover it... but he's had the training, and so he can do it right in his office!  LOVE IT!  I went back on Monday for my second round.  It's getting better, I'm doing stretches and strengthening things for it too, but until it stops hurting, it's nice to know I'm a phone call (and a no co-pay office visit) away from feeling better!

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