Friday, December 30, 2011

How It's Changed

Where I used to lounge and take bubble baths while reading a book and sipping a drink
There is now a babies bath tub sitting.

Right outside the shower, where I would spend a long time under the hot water

is a bouncer, where my little man can sit while I rush through my shower.

On the counter where we used to make our dinner,  (and pour my wine!)
Is now a baby bottle tree

Our kitchen table that used to never be used
is where we now where we get our son ready for his outings.

The fireplace that we would turn on and cuddle on the couch
Now has a swing in front of it.

Our entryway nook
now houses an exersaucer.

It's amazing when I look around our house, to know that 6 months ago, none of this was here.  Our house, our arms, and our hearts were empty.

Looking around now, there is evidence of Isaac every where.  

And that makes my heart happy.


  1. We have the same bottle rack! What a lovely post! Isn't amazing how your house gets turned upside-down?

  2. Such a great post!! My house looked the same way for a long time, and I also loved the decor (and adore the new roommate).

  3. Our house is the same way... and I can't image ever going back!