Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cloth Diapering

So... we jumped into cloth diapering about 4 weeks ago.

I wasn't sure how long it would last.  I bought 2 packages of diapers (size one and two) the other day and spent $40.00.... ya, those cloth are going to stick around!

A good friend of my does the cloth diapering thing, and has told me as long as I've known her how great it is.  I was curious, but not on board yet.  She's an adoptive momma too, so she totally get's the 'baby budget' as in, we need to pay off this one, and save for the next one.  That was her angle.  That's how she hooked us!

I will say right now, I'm doing it for the money (savings) and not for the environment... granted, helping the environment is a plus, but it's not the primary reason.  That being said, we still us disposables, when we're traveling, when someone is watching him for us, when we go to church.

We were able to get 24 diapers brand new diapers with inserts and 3 wet bags (for when we're out and about) for just about $110.00.  We were lucky, it's not normally that cheep.  I went and bought PUL fabric (it's sorta laminated, its what the diapers are made of) for my friend to make me a bag that fit's in the trash can.  We don't soak ours, we just put them in the trash can (with a lid that closes tight), and I was every 2 days.  There is also a wetbag hanging on the back of the bathroom door for the poopy ones.

I experienced my first home improvement project fail.  We needed to install a sprayer to our toilet line to rinse out the poopy diapers.  It took two trips to Lowes, one to Home Depot, three to Ace Hardware, and two to a specialty plumbing shop.  The sprayer was installed, there are no leaks, but I still consider it a project fail.  Well, I guess it wasn't a total fail, but we sure paid for it.  As in about $15.00 of unused parts that were unreturnable (because we had cranked down on them to stop leaks)
Travis during the sprayer install

All of the colors we have!

Isaac and his first cloth diaper!  

Seriously, he's so tiny, the cloth diapers are the ONLY reason his 0-3 month pant's stay up!

Like I said, we've only been doing them for about a month, and we're still trying to get in the routine. But, so far so good.

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  1. where were you able to get such a deal on diapers? I havw twin boys and we are considering it but the start up cost scares me