Thursday, October 20, 2011

almost midnight

It's almost midnight, and I'm exhausted....

I can almost crawl into bed, but not quite yet.  I have to wait for one more buzz of the washer, so I can finish off my crazy day.

My Mom is in town, and we are dedicating Isaac at church this Sunday.  We went to lunch at Panera (They don't have him where she lives) and then went to the mall.  My son has a ton of cute clothes, but we were wanting something a bit 'dressy' for the dedication.  We looked, and looked, and looked... and didn't find anything in his size.  Well, we found one sweater vest that was $32.00, and a 'big' newborn sized. He would fit in it perfectly now, but it wouldn't last much longer.  And that's dumb, to spend that much for basically one day.  So he'll be cute in something we already have.

After the mall, we ran by the only grocery store in town that carries our flushable cat litter (I will never use anything but flushable... it makes life so easy!)

We came home and did the following:

Vacuumed the living room/hallway twice (we have 3 dogs... it takes 2 times to get all the hair)
Steam cleaned the living room/hallway
Made cake balls
Gathered all the veggies left in the garden before tonight's freeze
Made chocolate chip pumpkin muffins
Washed the dog's bedding that they sleep on in the bedroom (again, three dogs... but we just do the covers of the orthopedic foam beds they have in there, so all one load)
(meanwhile, my husband washed the dogs so that added a load of 'drying the dog' towels right here)
Wash the dog's bedding from their crates (three dogs, bigger, poofy beds, so three loads of laundry)

Man, when my Mom is around to take care of Isaac, I get so much done!  She even made us dinner!

Once the last bed finishes spinning in the washer, I can go throw it in the dryer so it will dry over night, and be ready for the morning.

Oh.... it just beeped, dang that was good timing!  I'm headed to the laundry room, and then to bed!


  1. Wow! What a busy bee! Sleep well!

  2. My gosh you are productive! Hope you are sleepin peacefully!

  3. I have loved reading your story, i hope all is well, I am part of an adoptive relationship, sending good thoughts to you all :)