Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clomid I hate you

So, beside the normal irritability, (which I'm suspecting has always been just under the surface, the drugs just expose it), can we say menopause! I always would laugh at my mom when she would have hot flashes, and I'm being punished. It also doesn't help that it is 90 degrees outside and 80% humidity. I hate the Midwest summers. I would rather be home in New Mexico, and have the dry heat. Divigel is nasty! In every sense of the word. It is this clear gel, that is in individual packets, and it goes on yucky. It's almost like trying to rub a quarter sized dollop of hair gel into your thigh. Not to mention, it is sticky, and doesn't absorb quite all the way. So for an hour afterword, you have to keep clothing off of it, until it is no longer 'sticky/tacky/' whatever. Gross!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Saline filled baloon...

So it really wasn't that bad, in the realm of infertility procedures. The ultrasound tech guy was really funny, and the nurse practitioner who did the procedure was great too. They said that this would be sort of like my HSG, (which was NOT fun), but actually it wasn't bad. Once they inserted the catheter to fill my uterus up with saline, it really wasn't uncomfortable. Everything looked good, so that was good news. They are starting me on a new round of drugs, so for the next 5 days it's 100mg of Clomid, and Divigel, which I have to rub into my thigh. We're wading into unknown territory here. Trav's only question was, "are these new drugs going to make you mean?" Poor guy. He deals with me so well!

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's like a first date.. only more personal

So Trav and I spent a whole hour with Dr. S. He had to leave to head back to work, but I stayed to finish up the appointment. I'm a bit discouraged. Well, more then a bit. First off, Dr. Z was not happy I left him (though it really was out of my control... talk to the insurance!), and sent down 9 pages of my medical record. NINE PAGES!!! So Dr. S didn't have a great feel for what was going on. I explained what I had been diagnosed with, and the surgeries, but he seemed to question that diagnosis. I told Trav after the appointment, I feel like I got the rug pulled out from underneath me... I get that you can go to 10 different oncologist, and they will all treat lung cancer a different way, but geezzz... when you live your whole life worrying about what day you take this drug on, and then all of the sudden, its a whole new game plan, its a bit nerve-racking! So he wants to know what the inside of my uterus looks like, and will be doing that with an ultrasound and filling it up with saline. Joy. Oh how I love procedures like this. It will be scheduled sometime between day 5-10 of my next cycle.... so I guess I better get to taking the provera, so she can 'show herself'.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

New doctor

Trav and I decided that we will no longer go see Dr. Z. We love him as a doctor, but it truly is just two far. Our health insurance also had a say in that... because of the type of plan it is, they pay us mileage if we have to go see a specialist out of our area. Before they will allow us to continue to see Dr. Z, we have to first do two cycles with a local doctor... and guess how many doctors our fabulous insurance has in this area..... drum roll please... ONE! So, I guess that makes the decision of where to go fairly simple. I have set up an appointment in a week, to meet the new doctor... Dr. S, as he will be know here.