Friday, July 17, 2009

It's like a first date.. only more personal

So Trav and I spent a whole hour with Dr. S. He had to leave to head back to work, but I stayed to finish up the appointment. I'm a bit discouraged. Well, more then a bit. First off, Dr. Z was not happy I left him (though it really was out of my control... talk to the insurance!), and sent down 9 pages of my medical record. NINE PAGES!!! So Dr. S didn't have a great feel for what was going on. I explained what I had been diagnosed with, and the surgeries, but he seemed to question that diagnosis. I told Trav after the appointment, I feel like I got the rug pulled out from underneath me... I get that you can go to 10 different oncologist, and they will all treat lung cancer a different way, but geezzz... when you live your whole life worrying about what day you take this drug on, and then all of the sudden, its a whole new game plan, its a bit nerve-racking! So he wants to know what the inside of my uterus looks like, and will be doing that with an ultrasound and filling it up with saline. Joy. Oh how I love procedures like this. It will be scheduled sometime between day 5-10 of my next cycle.... so I guess I better get to taking the provera, so she can 'show herself'.

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