Thursday, July 30, 2009

Clomid I hate you

So, beside the normal irritability, (which I'm suspecting has always been just under the surface, the drugs just expose it), can we say menopause! I always would laugh at my mom when she would have hot flashes, and I'm being punished. It also doesn't help that it is 90 degrees outside and 80% humidity. I hate the Midwest summers. I would rather be home in New Mexico, and have the dry heat. Divigel is nasty! In every sense of the word. It is this clear gel, that is in individual packets, and it goes on yucky. It's almost like trying to rub a quarter sized dollop of hair gel into your thigh. Not to mention, it is sticky, and doesn't absorb quite all the way. So for an hour afterword, you have to keep clothing off of it, until it is no longer 'sticky/tacky/' whatever. Gross!

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