Thursday, March 8, 2012

A whole month

Wow, I went an entire month without posting... I guess so much has happened since the last time.

We went to court to get the transfer of custody.  We then started the 6 months, and should finalize right before he turns one!!

We continued to struggle with his eating.
We've gotten referred out to to a pediatric ENT, who will be putting tubes in the next week.
He had an upper GI done, which showed no refulx, and everything else normal, so no answers there.
We will be seeing a feeding therapist at the end of the month to help on that side too.

He continues to blow us away with the thing's he's doing!  He is doing so well sitting up, and loves playing with toys in front of him.

It's been an interesting and trying month, but we're getting through it, and hopefully within the next month, we'll have some better answers.


  1. Is he having ear infections? I'm an audiologist, I don't understand how PE tubes will help with his eating.

  2. glad to see you back!! He is such a cutie pie! I'm sorry that he's still having eating issues. I wish I had adivce to offer, but I don't. So I'm just going to hope that it gets better as he gets older and celebrate the good upper GI results :)

  3. What a cutie! I was glad to see a couple updates from you - your posts are always so fun and positive!

  4. He is so blimming cute! And he's got so BIG!


  5. Omg!!!! Love that picture! Theae are ones you can tease him with later!!!!!!!